Closing Process

STEP 1 – Sending the Contract

The first step to begin the closing process is to send us your fully executed contract. Once received, our staff will contact all parties in the transaction to schedule a date and time for closing.

STEP 2 – Ordering Title

Once we have received the contract, we will order a title search for your property.

STEP 3 – Reviewing Title

When the title search is completed, your closing attorney will review the search to insure you have clear title and will work to clear any issues that are identified. Typical issues that may arise are open deeds of trust, judgments, and unpaid taxes and assessments. Most issues can be resolved quickly and will not delay closing; however, sometimes issues can be more complicated and will require more extensive curative work.

STEP 4 – Ordering Title Insurance

We will obtain a title insurance commitment based on our title review and opinion for your closing.

STEP 5 – Preparing Documents

The closing documents will be prepared for execution and, if a lender is involved, your loan package will be obtained.

STEP 6 – Executing the Documents

The documents are then executed on the specified closing date.

STEP 7 – Recording

Your closing documents will be sent out for recording upon receipt of all funds and required approvals.

STEP 8 – Disbursing

Our office will disburse funds according to the laws of North Carolina and South Carolina.