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    • If you submit the form and then realize you have another item to add or you want to leave more details, please send us an email at and reference the property address in your email.
    • If you want to send us more documents and do not see an option to upload them below, please email them to us at and reference the property address in your email.
    • If any of the below DOES NOT APPLY please put NA
    • If you do not know the answer to an item at this time please either put TBD or leave blank.
Examples:  If you are an LLC-Signed Operating Agreement or Resolution.  If you are a Corporation-Signed Bylaws.  If you are a Trust-Signed Trust Agreement or Signed Memorandum of Trust
We will be required to review these documents well in advance of the closing date.  Please make sure to email them to as soon as possible or call our office to discuss other options for delivery.
*This will be the email address we post all of your signed documents to post closing
Include area code. Ex: 123-456-7890
Include area code. Ex: 123-456-7890
Include area code. Ex: 123-456-7890
*If you are buying cash please put NA* If you do not know who your lender will be yet please put TBD, otherwise, please make sure to fill out this section with relevant contact information to expedite the title process.
Include area code. Ex: 123-456-7890
*if NOT, buyers MUST contact our office immediately to make appropriate arrangements. Insight Title & Escrow can assist in the drafting of a Power of Attorney for an additional fee.

There are three (3) location options for your real estate closing. Each one has a slight price difference from the other so we give you the option to choose which works best for you and your spouse. Read each option and after, you will be prompted to select which option you prefer:

You pick your own Notary

This option is great if you know you own Notary Public and would like to set an appointment with said Notary of your choosing to sign the closing documents with you.

**Note: If this Notary charges a fee for their service, that will be your responsibility to pay said fee direct to the Notary-along with the overnight return of the documents to our office for timely recording and funding**

  • Base Closing Fee: $850.00
  • Option 1 Additional Fee: $0.00
  • Revised Base Free: $850.00
We select and confirm scheduling with a Notary Public

This second option is preferable for those who do not have their own Notary Public, personally know a Notary Public, or if you or your Notary do not have the ability to print large sets of documents. We will make sure said Notary is vetted, insured, and knowledgeable of real estate signing processes. We will arrange delivery of the closing documents to said Notary (keep in mind that some closing documents can reach in excess of 150 pages) and the Notary will make sure documents are overnighted back to our office for timely recording and funding.

  • Base Closing Fee: $850.00
  • Option 2 Additional Fee: $100.00
  • Revised Base Free: $950.00
AKA Remote Online Notary "RON"

This is a paperless option for closing whereby the closing documents will be delivered to an online Notary Public who will meet with you online to review and have you sign everything electronically. To better explain how this works, watch the video below:

  • Base Closing Fee: $850.00
  • Option 3 Additional Fee: $149.00
  • Revised Base Free: $999.00
Please confirm which of the options you prefer and we will be in touch to schedule accordingly


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